Sabtu, 02 April 2011


       All the potential and ability were devoted to realizing the mission. This is further reinforced by not Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor involvement in practical politics and is not affiliated to any community organization so that it can independently determine the pace and have a wider latitude in the field of education and teaching.

           Entering the age of 85 years, continues to establish the existence of Pondok Modern, internal and external expansion. Into by always improving the quality of education and teaching, completing education facilities, fostering cadres progressors, expand funding sources and improving the welfare of its cadres. And development of exit by opening new branches, expand networks, mobilizing social mission, in addition to opening the Post Graduate Program, the bureaus of research and development towards quality Darussalam University, to realize the ideals luhurnya, educate the cadres of the people, reaching for the glory of the nation lillah, and laid the foundations of world civilization.

( ISID ) Institut Studi Islam Darussalam
Written By   : Moh Kusyairi
Institute of Islamic Studies Pondok Modern Darussalam Darussaslam Gontor Ponorogo do errata to the news contained in the website Kopertais mentioning Surabaya Region IV Operating Permit Praise be to Allah our Institutions of Higher Education (ISID) in the Department of Islamic Religious Education, Comparative Religion, schools and Comparative Law, and Mu ' amalat has ended his time on 08 February 2010. We do not know the basis of ISID made the news because after our confirmation on the date of March 17, 2010 Kopertais party also could not explain to us the basis of such news.
We look forward to all the graduates of the Institute of Islamic Studies in order to remain calm Darussalam respond to the news because it because the active period of the above majors until February 8, 2011, so decree issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs Central Jakarta. 

Boarding establishment Modrn Darussalam Gontor
Written By   : Moh Kusyairi
Institute of Islamic Studies Darussalam (ISID) was established on the 1st of Rajab 1383 / 17 November 1963 by the founding triumvirate of Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor, they are its KH Ahmad Sahal, KH. Zaenuddin Fananie, KH. Imam Zarkasyi. Learning activities in the ISID begins with opening the two faculties, namely faculty and faculty tarbiyah Ushuluddin. Later in development, in 1990, ISID faculty more open one, ie Sharia faculty. At first, ISID has only one campus in Gontor, then in 1990 to open campus in Sambirejo Mantingan daughter Ngawi, New Campus opened in 1996 in Siman Ponorogo ISID, and in 2000, ISID has opened campuses in Kediri, in 2008 also have been opened college girls in Kediri and in 2009 also has opened campuses in Sawangan Magelang son, 5 campuses located in East Java province and a campus located in Central Java province. Establishment of the ISID is intended as an initial pilot for the establishment of the Islamic University of quality and meaning as well as beneficial to the progress of mankind and the nation.